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I’m VERY sorry it’s taken a while to post any updates, but things have been busy, in a good way!

“With Your Shield” continues to do well, and I couldn’t be more excited. The reviews have been mostly amazingly positive. I just checked this morning, and we finally hit that magical 50 reviews number on Amazon. Very exciting!!

If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can find it here!

Now… what’s next?

I’ve just completed the last words of “Spartan’s Specialists” which is the sequel to “With Your Shield.” It literally starts the day after the last page of Shield, and continues Spartan’s story. This time, he’s taking on a smaller contract with a very small and specialized group of the Golden Horde, but of course, nothing ever goes to plan. The book will be filled with more of Spartan’s technical wizardry, and even more of his experimentation to create something new and useful in the Four Horsemen Universe. I’m really excited about my first solo work, which should be released in October of this year.

Elsewhere, I also have a short story that will be appearing in “From the Ashes” which is an anthology based in Christopher Woods’ “Fallen World” universe. It was a really fun story to write, and my first attempt at a first-person style story. “From the Ashes” will be released in August.

Lastly on the writing front, I’m working on a short story in yet another universe, which I can’t really say much about yet, since I haven’t written it, but I was very excited to be invited by the author to participate!

I will be appearing at ConGregate in High Point, NC from July 12-14 (this coming weekend). You’ll probably find me around the Chris Kennedy Publishing table, and at the CKP Road Show on Sunday morning, where I’ll be giving away a unique piece of 4HU swag.

I’m working on another convention later in the year, but as I’m still waiting to hear from the con chair, I don’t want to jinx it just yet.

At this time, I’m not sure exactly what’s next for writing, but if nothing else, I’ll go back to working on my fantasy work, tentatively titled “Stormwinter.” I do have at least one more 4HU book collaboration coming up probably sometime in early 2020 which I’m really looking forward to!

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