Alex Rath, Author

Military Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

My name is Alex Rath, and I’m a long time reader and fan of books of many styles, and now it’s time to start writing them!

I’ve been gaming in universes like the ones I’ll be writing for a long time, starting with Dungeons & Dragons in 1979, so I have a long history of gaming to pull from. Everything from D&D, Battletech, Shadowrun, and on and on. Not to mention online games starting with Gemstone III in 1991, and again, on and on. I’m excited to put down a lot of the stores I played out into written form to be shared.

My first book, “With Your Shield,” written the growing Four Horsemen Universe with Chris Kennedy, and published by Chris Kennedy Publishing, released on April 12th, and has already seen amazing success!

Following “With Your Shield,” the follow-up novel “Spartan’s Specialists” was released on August 30th!

I’ve also started my journey in The Fallen World, created by Christopher Woods, with a short story in the “From the Ashes” anthology, with a full novel in the universe scheduled for release in November!